Voicebot - Pola

Voicebot - Pola​
Pic. Dariusz Sankowski
Pola asysten głosowy

Voicebot Pola is a voice assistant for the elderly. Pola’s main goal is to be a companion for seniors, often struggling with loneliness. Thanks to Pola, people living independently, often sick, can make their day more pleasant by talking to a voice assistant, available 24 hours a day. In addition, Pola will enable them to conveniently order services such as food delivery or cleaning calls.

Innovation is currently at the stage of implementation and scaling. Voicebot is an ideal solution whose indirect beneficiary may be local governments, and the direct user – seniors. 

Pola’s head system will be gradually developed with more elements and sensors. Pola will help many elderly people struggling with loneliness. 

The creators of Pola ensure that they will conduct social consultations with system users in order to develop and refine the system to perfection. 

Author: Agata Grzesik

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