OWES International

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The OWES International project is implemented in cooperation with HUB Social Innovation. 

OWES International is a response to the needs of social economy entities (primarily social companies supported under the OWES project). National surveys on ES show that this group needs specific action proposals to start international cooperation. The main difficulty of social economy entities is to reach foreign enterprises and present their ideas in business language (e.g. PS as subcontractors of foreign companies). 

The goal of the OWES International grant project is to support the development of enterprises operating in the social sphere by using the experience of the International Business Incubator created on the initiative of the city of St.-Etienne, France. It is an extension of the OWES SWR project. This project will create new opportunities for Polish entrepreneurs to develop, quickly recognize the market and establish international economic contacts. OWES International will build a network connecting entrepreneurs from Poland with companies in Europe to strengthen and develop the social economy.

The problem affecting most social enterprises is an insufficient and unstable income stream. Some social companies limit their activities to the local market, although they produce products or provide services that can potentially be offered on foreign markets. Starting a business on foreign markets is very difficult without organized support and many entrepreneurs do not take such initiatives at all. The target group of the project will therefore be those social companies created and / or supported by OWES SWR that are interested in establishing international cooperation (both for individual clients and in the form of subcontracting, suppliers for foreign enterprises).

OWES International will act as an intermediary. OWES helps to create well-defined new social enterprises on the market and provides business consulting aimed at improving the profitability of existing entities, which allows the social economy sector to fulfill its pro-employment function, i.e. offering permanent jobs. The possibility of establishing international cooperation within the OWES International incubator will provide support

activities needed for “spreading wings” by PES will allow to increase or stabilize the revenue stream. Diversifying business areas and sources of revenue will give you the opportunity to reduce your business risk. All this will increase the PS’s chances of developing and maintaining or even creating new jobs.

Author: Agnieszka Roman-Otte

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