About us

Social Innovation Hub

Hub was created by the Regional Cooperation Association as a tool to support innovators – people who create and want to implement innovative technological and social solutions.

Hub actively searches for and supports innovators interested in creating and implementing solutions that generate positive social changes. Innovations in the area of ​​social services and those related to the climate crisis will be preferred, consisting in the application of technological and social solutions in the above-mentioned areas. We place particular emphasis on replicable solutions  that generate jobs that can be financed by  OWES or from other funds available in the existing support system for small and medium enterprises.

SWR  has been preparing and implementing modern business models in the social area for several years, as a result of which two  technological and social startups have already been created  ( Enlighten  sp.  Z oo and  B4 .0. 4B sp. Z oo) and the innovative social enterprise FotoVoltSystem sp. Z oo they implement or implement innovative solutions. From February 2020 we started previously planned activities with our partners in Barcelona,  Monastir  and St. Etiennewho are interested in working with us in the area of ​​technological and social innovation. We will keep you up to date on cooperation in the News  section  .

The goal of Hub’s activity is to enable entities supported by us to enter

foreign markets . In the second quarter of 2020 we are planning a phased implementation of previously prepared by  SWR  innovative  business models of care for the elderly and accompanying services. Also in this area, modern solutions will be implemented by (scalable / replicable ) social enterprises. We are in contact with persons / entities interested in the implementation of the above solutions in other regions of Poland such as Poznań, Łódź, Podkarpacie or Częstochowa.

Tadeusz Durczok

Director of the Social Innovation Hub

Tadeusz Durczok


He has been dealing with social innovations since 2004, when he and the Association for Regional Cooperation implemented the EQUAL program. During his career he dealt with numerous research and implementation projects. He was the head of the Technology Transfer Center in Gliwice. Currently at SWR deals with social innovation. 

Agnieszka Roman-Otte

Advisor/Project Manager

A philologist by education, a graduate of the department of contemporary literature at the University of Bologna in Italy, postgraduate studies in PR and marketing at the University of Economics in Katowice, as well as Business Consulting for social economy entities. Professionally, he has been working in the area of ​​marketing and customer communication for years. He currently works as a marketing consultant at the Regional Cooperation Association. He also deals with projects in international partnership.

Agata Grzesik

Advisor/Project Manager

An expert in the field of startup support and development. For three years she ran the Katowice Branch Business Incubator. Has experience in running own business. He is a business practitioner, he cooperates with many institutions and private companies in Silesia and Podkarpacie. An economist by profession, a specialist in entrepreneurship and finance.